June 17, 2010


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July 15, 2006

Goals of the Blog Based Site

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  • Allow anyone to comment on the affairs of the Student Council
  • Allow all members of Student Council to easily announce what information need to share
  • Increase communication between representatives and the students
  • Increase communication between administration and the students
  • Get first-year students involved from the start
  • Exchange of ideas that leads to positive decisions for the Clark community

July 10, 2006

Meet Monty

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AP: What is your full name?
MK: Monty Alexander Kaplan

AP: Wow, fancy, do you have any nicknames?
MK: Kaplan, “what is your real name? really??”, Bills!

AP: What grade are you in?
MK: Grade? I am a sophomore, class of 2009.

AP: Where are you from?
MK: I hail from Watertown, MA…juuuuust outside of Boston.

AP: So what do you do for the Student Council?
MK: I am the Treasurer, I balance the books, help people make transactions, and chair the budget and finance committee meetings. I also currently run the web site, which I have transformed into a blog so that everyone can participate.

AP: So Student Council, does that mean you’re a government major?
MK: Currently I am undeclared, and I am actively seeking advice on my career path. I am interested in computer science, psychology, entrepreneurship, urban planning, sociology, economics, and writing — among other things. How is the goverment major here, anyway…

AP: So besides Student Council, what else do you involve yourself in on campus?
MK: I’ve got a lot on my plate, my biggest focus right now though, is definitely Student Council because if I excel here, it means something positive for this campus, and that’s my goal.

AP: You mentioned goals, what motivated you to join the Student Council in the first place?
MK: Last year, as a first-year student, I decided to really actively partcipate on this campus. I joined a whole bunch of groups and ran for an office with the student council. Thinking back now, almost a whole year later, I can’t get a clear image in my mind of what was motivating me, the fact is I just really fell in love with this school in the first three weeks, and haven’t looked back since.

AP: Cool, so, what have you got planned for this year?
MK: I want to make it easy for student groups to have successful events. I really look forward to working with the Director of Student Leadership and Programming on this, and also accounting. I also want to work with all student groups to ensure they know what safe ways to spend money are, and not so safe. I plan to do a lot of documentation and put it online, website content is always a good thing.

AP: Well that’s all I have, do you have any closing statements before I go?
MK: I really enjoy working with my fellow eboard members, I think that our positive working relationship will really benefit the student body as a whole. Oh, and I need to throw a shameless plug in here, for my blog: http://montyakaplan.wordpress.com it’s about ClarkU and college life in general, let me know what you think.

AP: Haha, well that was certainly shameless.
MK: What?
AP: Way to kill the whole interview
MK: That was re-
AP: …thanks anyway. Bye!
MK: Well…bye?

July 9, 2006

Newsletter, 2006 March 19th

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Read the newsletter in pdf format.

Base Columns: Meeting Recap, Group Highlight
Special features: Dylan’s Farewell, Reunion Volunteers, Spree Day, The Birds

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent to view the file. Enjoy!

Blog Launch!

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Clark Undergraduate Student Council blog launches today. It will be a valuable resource in facilitating communication on important campus issues. I am working on moving content from the static site to this dynamic blog. Please send comments or questions as they arise or post ideas after any entries. Cheers!